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Michigan has some of the biggest lakes and natural forests in the Midwestern region of the United States. If you ever visit Michigan you will know that it has a lot of organic farm fields and health food stores. The Michigan people approach life on more of an organic natural way of life (unless you live in Detroit, Lansing, or Grand Rapids; Then you probably live off of junk food, because it is so easily found). If you have been to or through Michigan you should take a trip. You will love the beauty that Michigan has to offer. From the great lakes to the rivers and waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula you will have an amazing time if you are an outdoor type of person.

I recently visited Michigan on my trip to Wisconsin. If you don’t know, I am an organic health food nut. I have select health food stores around where I live that I go to, just for certain vitamins or organic bulk teas. I love finding health food stores with bulk herbs and bulk teas! Raw bulk herbs or teas provide some of the best drinks of seasonings you can find. My mother spoiled me with organic bulk seasoning when I was little. Ever since then I always looked forward to going to visit the local health food store. Well since I was going through Michigan, I thought I would look for Michigan health food stores along the way. I don’t know if you are aware, but health food people (or outdoors people) are not usually computer savy, let along internet savy. Finding a good Michigan health food store with a proper website was hard! But I made it happen! After about 45minutes of searching in found Alternatives Health Food. Alternatives Health Food has been around for over 18years and carries all of the organic goodies I needed for my trip. They had bulk herbs, bulk teas, vitamins, health and beauty supplements, and homeopathic items, perfect I thought. I made sure to make  a way point at Alternatives in Waterford, MI on my way to Wisconsin.

Well I am finally home from my trip. What a great time! And yes I did stop at all of the health food stores along the way. I picked up all of my organic bulk teas, some unique and raw herbs, and some kombucha tea that I have never tried before. I also picked up my dog (skip) a organic raw hide bone.

Along the way I went on some amazing nature trails. I took a ton of photos ( I will upload them later for you guys).

There are so many students that just aren’t given enough credit.  Everyday people put other people down, whether it’s other students, family members, friends, or even strangers.  Some of the biggest concerns about a growing youth are feeling like they are appreciated and smart.  Far too often parents say that their child isn’t good at school, or has a hard time reading or writing or being creative.  Often times this is said directly in front of them which is extremely damaging and can set a child back in their own minds.  Soon they begin to agree with the negative comments about them, and if you believe it and they believe in you, then it must be true.  Self worth is a big issue in schools and our society in general and should be corrected whenever possible.

Just the other day a student that was labeled by her family as being bad at school or didn’t want to learn did an amazing thing.  Self esteem from always being put down is usually a bigger factor as a direct cause of lack of motivation to do well.  This student had created a masterpiece – a work of art on her nails, and it was astonishing.  Not only did she learn how to do this herself, but she had the talent and mindset to succeed in completing it because it made her feel cute and happy.  This is proof that the child can learn and is great at something, and art may be their calling.  Parents and sometimes even teachers are too quick to write off an individual before discovering what they are really made of.

The student, Rebecca, said that she had looked up some nail ideas on a nail website called Loveable Nails and then began painting them in her room at night.  She took it on as a hobby and she really liked looking stylish and shopping for cute outfits.  Her nails were a part of her whole appearance and before she always had them coated with a fresh bold color of nail polish.  This was taking it a step further and it showed how truly creative she was.  Her nails were an expression within, and it was something she was proud of.  It was a perfect self esteem booster and having people recognize them and compliment on them made things even better.  When you’re good at something, others appreciate it.

Becca even showed how she did the designs to the other students as others were eager to know.  It was quite interesting but it was very much like painting on a canvas, except the nails were the canvas.  She would use all sorts of different sized brushes and stencils and stickers for the nail polish designs.  For the certain designs she was good at she would even make them completely on her own by using nothing more than some tape to edge off the areas that she wanted to keep a certain color.  This was quite creative and she said she first got the idea after seeing it online when she was doing a nail polish design that matched her summer skirt.

The takeaway from this story is that everyone needs to feel appreciated and valued in order to believe in themselves.  When someone is put down there is no way that they feel like they are worth the time and their motivation to do well in school, sports or any other activity or life challenge will be severely impacted.  It was evident by the amazing work she did on her nails that she was very talented.  Many of the other girls had just solid colors, no nail polish at all, or went to a salon to have them done.  By creating her own nail designs she had started a trend that many other girls wanted to follow and were eagerly asking her for advice.  This was one of her most rewarding days in a long time and she felt a sense of leadership and pride.

source: http://loveablenails.com

Learning the art of Internet Marketing

One of the quickest growing industries is marketing, which is closely associated with the business degree. One sub-sect of marketing is internet marketing which is still in its infancy some would argue.  Traditionally marketing and promotions have been done by sales people, word of mouth, print, or media ads and while they have worked, the internet has opened up the arena to more information and understanding of the end user than was ever possible before.  I’m sure you know what the internet is since you are on it right now reading this very article, but are you aware of how much exposure to ads you are getting, and how they are targeting you; even if you are “ad averse” by your very nature.  If marketing, business and understanding people and how they operate, as well as their enjoyments interest you; you should seriously consider gaining more information on internet marketing and even considering a career in it.

Advertising begins at the business level, where marketing mixes are created and budgets are set in order to gain more exposure or generate hype behind a new product.  The goal is put their information or products in front of the consumer and tell them why they can’t live without them in one way or another.  Traditionally, companies rely on marketing agencies and much of them employ an internet marketing agency for their online advertising and targeting.  Rather than creating something catchy only at the jingle, or image or short skit level; the internet can allow you to capture interest with one sentence or even one word at times.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple image that relates to your interests.  The possibilities are endless which leads me to another thing about how ad targeting is possible.

Advertising is Following Me!

You are probably familiar with Google, as they have solidified their business at the forefront of the “online search” and much more.  Google accounts for the majority of searches through their search engine and they also offer business and other agencies the ability to run advertisement campaigns through their service “Adwords.”  There are so many metrics that can be customized that it is overwhelming and carries a bit of a learning curve at first, but essentially Google even has the ability to track your cookies and other data to gather pertinent information about what you like and how you access the web – and then can direct these advertisements to you based on your search history.  Have you ever been looking for something, and all of a sudden you saw an ad for it? It might have shocked you but its also brilliant and their way of giving you the best user experience and relevant results as possible.

Moving onto Facebook, they are also a huge medium for internet marketing since many businesses have effectively branded their stance through the social network.  This is something that is completely different and evolving all the time.  Facebook started out with Mark Zuckerberg and was ad free for a long time.  At the “right moment” ads were implemented and now the company is worth billions, mainly for their ad revenue and their ability to target and collect information from people. This information is a goldmine for any internet marketingagency because of how it can be used and turned into a successful campaign and in the end, profits ($)!

If you want to learn the art of internet marketing, you can enroll in classes online, start studying the information yourself by consuming it from various forums and other blogs; or even see if somewhere in your hometown offers free consulting.  If you own a business or want to work in this field, it is essential to get past the learning curve, but with a little dedication and time it is certainly manageable, and lucrative.

With the current economy slowly rebounding, many students have found themselves competing for jobs with young and middle aged adults.  This has made it harder and harder for high school students looking for employment, to actually find a job.  The key to finding employment during times like these, is separating yourself from the pact and either showing why you’re better, or simply going after the non traditional route.  There are so many ways to make money, it’s just deciding to act on them and being innovative.  You probably hear it all the time, “think outside the box” from teachers, and parents and other wise folks.  That short four word sentence can really make or break an idea, and has even landed some people substantial wealth for ideas that capitalize on a need in the market.  Self employment can be tiresome and hard at the startup, but it can also come with amazing rewards as well.  Below you will find some easy, innovative and non-traditional employment ideas that have their fair share of rewards.

Non-Traditional Student Jobs

Make Money Online:  This route is perfect for the students who love to sit on their computer, or stay home all the time.  While spending hours at the computer, and staying indoors is bad for your social life, it can be a great way to make some cash; as long as you know where to look.  There are many paid survey sites, and this website offers a full CashCrate review; which is one of the best and legitimate one’s out there:http://cashcratereview.org.  You basically get paid to do surveys for products and services that are either already on the market, or coming up in the future.  It’s pretty neat to be able to know about food and tech products before they even hit the market, so that is another plus.  They also offer a nice referral program where you can invite friends and make money from them completing offers as well.  Some other ideas for online money making, is selling items on Craigslist, or eBay.  While you must do your due diligence and homework for these types of situations, they can prove to be good earners; as long as you find items to sell for cheap.  Check local estate sales, and garage sales; and find items that you can easily turn a profit on.

Fix Cell Phones: If you are the tech go to guy or gal and find yourself helping everyone out with their problems, fixing cell phones may be a great idea.  The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones out there right now.  Occasionally, people drop them.  This leads to the need for screen replacements, back plate replacements, LCD’s and much more.  Buy your stock on eBay, and then charge a fixing fee to your potential customers; advertising your services on Craigslist.

Detail Cars: Almost every working class individual has a vehicle, and often they are too tired or busy to find the time to clean it.  Garnering on average of $50 to $100, detailing a car from the top to the bottom and inside and out, is a great way to earn cash; especially in the summer.  Car enthusiasts will appreciate this job more than people who don’t particularly care however.  A wash, wax, vacuum, under hood de-greasing, carpet cleaning and protecting plastic, leather and vinyl are common details that you should accustom yourself with and offer your customers.

These are only a few ideas, and there are many more.  You have to be creative and think about what people need, how big the market is, is it saturated, and can you compete with the other competitors out there.  As long as you are motivated, doing any of these jobs means that you don’t have a set schedule or hours.  There are many reasons to why this would be rewarding, with the most obvious being able to enjoy time off  as a student when you want or need it; especially if you are doing any of these ideas for summer employment.

Birmingham Orthodontics

Being new to a state, city and school has its fair share of risks and rewards. On the positive side, it’s a new area to explore and maybe has some fun new things that your past residence just couldn’t offer. Also enjoyed could be a change in climate, a change in scenery, and a change in faces. One big change that isn’t on the fun side is finding new health care providers for school aged children who are reputable, affordable, and professional. Here in the state of Michigan, there are many different offices to choose from and each will vary in their experience, and offerings. If your child needs braces or is in the midst of having them, he or she is going to need an orthodontic very soon upon arriving at your new home. Take for instance, the selection of Birmingham orthodontics right here in the great state of Michigan. There are many that could be recommended, and some that are even within a reasonable distance from the local school yards.

Having braces or a retainer and attending school may be a hard new challenge for a child to face. Encouraging them and being supportive is going to make all the difference in this type of scenario. If they will be going to the orthodontics for the first time in the near future to have a consultation about crooked teeth or an unaligned bite, you also need to be positive. Fixing teeth early on will prevent the need to have braces and other cosmetic surgery later down the line in their professional lives. Dental issues often run in the family, and knowing that their dad or mom or other relative also had to go through the process will often alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety. The most important part is for them to be happy however, and to move at a pace that is somewhat in their comfort zone; although a little push of encouragement never hurt anybody!

When looking for a new orthodontics office you should weigh various factors such as insurance coverage, the amount of time that they have been in business, how they treat their patients, online reviews from people just like you, and their affordability and accommodating nature. These will quickly bring you to the conclusion of whether or not you will consider them to work on your children’s mouth over the course of one to three years; or sometimes more. Orthodontics take time and being in a relationship with a bad dental office can be a nightmare. Do your due diligence ahead of time and you won’t be regretting it later.

While the stigma experienced by a child for wetting bed may in fact be all internal, it is still a real threat that can affect their livelihood and social development.  This same issue can be transferred into depression and withdrawal; leading to their schooling and other curricular activities being hindered too.  The root of the problem is often not a sign of immaturity or laziness, but rather an undeveloped link between the brain and the bladder; and that sudden urge to urinate.  Those who experience nighttime issues may also experience daytime wetting as well. This can be an even more stigma inducing problem; which if detected could cause embarrassment and ridicule by peers.  Further anxiety, stress and depression will only limit their ability to attack and correct the problem.  Daytime wetting is often experienced by those who suffer from the “small bladder syndrome.”  While the name might suggest the bladder is actually smaller than one’s peers; research has shown that this is not the case.  The neurological link between the bladder seeming full and the signal it sends to induce urination to relieve oneself; simply happens far before the bladder is indeed ‘full.’

Complications and causes of bed wetting are usually pretty universal, and it is very rare that the cause is from a medical condition or injury.  The problem has also been linked to genetics; as a parent may have wet the bed as a child, and still has occasional issues.  It is also possible for the problem to re-emerge, where they experience adult bed wetting for various reasons.  If a child is suffering from bed wetting it is important to look at the history of the parents and close relatives and see if there is a link.  This may help to ease a child’s anxiety, knowing that their parent experienced and overcame it as well; strengthening their confidence.  In any event, there should be no reason that a child feels stigma from the occurrences at home when it is scary enough for them to deal with the issues in a school, and from peers asking for them to spend the night at their homes.  This can be a very difficult time and may leave them feeling as an outsider and not like the rest of their close youths.  It is important to be able to talk with your child and assure them that they can conquer bed wetting.

If your child has friends at school and other venues asking him or her to spend the night or engage in away from the home activities that may induce worry and withdrawal, there are medications that can be prescribed to help with this scenario.  A family practice doctor is always beneficial to see for these issues and can help to provide information that will allow a child to beat bed wetting and not let it hinder their social development with their peers.  If you think the issue may be caused by a medical condition it is all the more important to schedule a visitor with the doctor as soon as possible.

Future of Crime in Schools

Crime is one of those things that will always be prevalent no matter what we do to try and extinguish it.  We can effectively manage or try to limit it by enacting rules and consequences for poor behavior and law breaking; but it won’t end it.  Crime in schools has become a growing concern and for good reason.  Gone are the days that bringing in a toy plastic gun was okay, or that having the doors wide open all day was alright as well.  Strict guidelines and rules have been enforced regarding such things, to limit the influx of drugs, weapons and other unwanted items and people on school grounds.  So why are we seeing so much of this today, and why was it not a problem in the past?

That question is really open to interpretation and there is no real, solid answer that can pinpoint the reasons.  Some may include the exposure to violence on television, or the rebellious nature of some youth’s today.  For some it is a way of life to protect oneself from the early onset of their childhood because of living in dangerous areas and they don’t know anything else.  Whatever the reason; crime, drugs and weapons do not belong in the school, and unfortunately there have been many instances in which they have created disasters.  Drug sniffing dogs travel down lockers, and some inner city schools have implemented the use of metal detectors even to enter the premises to help aide this epidemic.

If you are in Michigan, and in need of a criminal attorney michigan, contact Schulman and Associates to be represented by the best Michigan criminal lawyer available. With experience in federal, dui, theft and drug related charges, Schulman and Associates will help you stay out of jail!

Will Crime Continue on this Path?

A relevant question to be asked, whether or not crime will only increase and become worse than it already is.  Will the school be a place of worry rather than a place of learning and relaxation knowing that you are amongst your closest friends and teachers who care?  Let’s hope so, as school is devoted as a place of learning even though it has transitioned in the eyes of some as a place to goof off, or hang with friends, or something they simply “have to do,” not want to do.  Learning needs to return as the forefront of our youth’s development, and then maybe crime will begin to transition (at least slightly) away from the school grounds once again.  There’s also a warranted concern that if the economy continues to create such a separation from wealthy to poor, and the middle class slumping into the poorer classifications that crime will just continue on its destructive path.  Kids who attend school, and hope to attend college later in life, find it very hard to have the necessary things like even a nice back pack or enough money for an organizer sometimes and this creates a strain.

Strain in the economy and on the people will only create more dissonance in our communities and help put fuel under the crime in school’s fire.  Jealously, another rooted evil very closely aligns with crime and is often the source of the crime itself.  In short, by human nature we want what others usually have.  Schooling tries to employ the harmonizing effect of “we are all created equal” no matter what our backgrounds are, and the school is often seen as a safe place for some people.  Crime can be monitored and even reduced, but our external outside factors once the student goes home, is certainly not helping the situation.