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You’ve reached the future of schooling, run by David Rodriguez.  This website serves as an informational portal for the schooling industry, areas of study, and what popular trends whether past or present are either changing or shaping the way schools are.  Schooling has evolved on many different levels over the years, while some are good, others are just as bad.  Teachers who often suffer low pay, long hours, budget cuts, are the true hero’s in shaping the kids of tomorrow.  A teacher, who cares about their students, can mean the difference of just being taught, compared to creating a rewarding environment that might impact a child for years to come, or even forever.  You will find information from all over the country, different grades and levels, and much more here at the Future of Schooling.  Stick around for a glimpse at the future and what will become of schooling in your area and throughout the world, as we continue to evolve and place certain emphasis on schooling within our societies.