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Future of Crime in Schools

Crime is one of those things that will always be prevalent no matter what we do to try and extinguish it.  We can effectively manage or try to limit it by enacting rules and consequences for poor behavior and law breaking; but it won’t end it.  Crime in schools has become a growing concern and for good reason.  Gone are the days that bringing in a toy plastic gun was okay, or that having the doors wide open all day was alright as well.  Strict guidelines and rules have been enforced regarding such things, to limit the influx of drugs, weapons and other unwanted items and people on school grounds.  So why are we seeing so much of this today, and why was it not a problem in the past?

That question is really open to interpretation and there is no real, solid answer that can pinpoint the reasons.  Some may include the exposure to violence on television, or the rebellious nature of some youth’s today.  For some it is a way of life to protect oneself from the early onset of their childhood because of living in dangerous areas and they don’t know anything else.  Whatever the reason; crime, drugs and weapons do not belong in the school, and unfortunately there have been many instances in which they have created disasters.  Drug sniffing dogs travel down lockers, and some inner city schools have implemented the use of metal detectors even to enter the premises to help aide this epidemic.

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Will Crime Continue on this Path?

A relevant question to be asked, whether or not crime will only increase and become worse than it already is.  Will the school be a place of worry rather than a place of learning and relaxation knowing that you are amongst your closest friends and teachers who care?  Let’s hope so, as school is devoted as a place of learning even though it has transitioned in the eyes of some as a place to goof off, or hang with friends, or something they simply “have to do,” not want to do.  Learning needs to return as the forefront of our youth’s development, and then maybe crime will begin to transition (at least slightly) away from the school grounds once again.  There’s also a warranted concern that if the economy continues to create such a separation from wealthy to poor, and the middle class slumping into the poorer classifications that crime will just continue on its destructive path.  Kids who attend school, and hope to attend college later in life, find it very hard to have the necessary things like even a nice back pack or enough money for an organizer sometimes and this creates a strain.

Strain in the economy and on the people will only create more dissonance in our communities and help put fuel under the crime in school’s fire.  Jealously, another rooted evil very closely aligns with crime and is often the source of the crime itself.  In short, by human nature we want what others usually have.  Schooling tries to employ the harmonizing effect of “we are all created equal” no matter what our backgrounds are, and the school is often seen as a safe place for some people.  Crime can be monitored and even reduced, but our external outside factors once the student goes home, is certainly not helping the situation.