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With the current economy slowly rebounding, many students have found themselves competing for jobs with young and middle aged adults.  This has made it harder and harder for high school students looking for employment, to actually find a job.  The key to finding employment during times like these, is separating yourself from the pact and either showing why you’re better, or simply going after the non traditional route.  There are so many ways to make money, it’s just deciding to act on them and being innovative.  You probably hear it all the time, “think outside the box” from teachers, and parents and other wise folks.  That short four word sentence can really make or break an idea, and has even landed some people substantial wealth for ideas that capitalize on a need in the market.  Self employment can be tiresome and hard at the startup, but it can also come with amazing rewards as well.  Below you will find some easy, innovative and non-traditional employment ideas that have their fair share of rewards.

Non-Traditional Student Jobs

Make Money Online:  This route is perfect for the students who love to sit on their computer, or stay home all the time.  While spending hours at the computer, and staying indoors is bad for your social life, it can be a great way to make some cash; as long as you know where to look.  There are many paid survey sites, and this website offers a full CashCrate review; which is one of the best and legitimate one’s out there:http://cashcratereview.org.  You basically get paid to do surveys for products and services that are either already on the market, or coming up in the future.  It’s pretty neat to be able to know about food and tech products before they even hit the market, so that is another plus.  They also offer a nice referral program where you can invite friends and make money from them completing offers as well.  Some other ideas for online money making, is selling items on Craigslist, or eBay.  While you must do your due diligence and homework for these types of situations, they can prove to be good earners; as long as you find items to sell for cheap.  Check local estate sales, and garage sales; and find items that you can easily turn a profit on.

Fix Cell Phones: If you are the tech go to guy or gal and find yourself helping everyone out with their problems, fixing cell phones may be a great idea.  The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones out there right now.  Occasionally, people drop them.  This leads to the need for screen replacements, back plate replacements, LCD’s and much more.  Buy your stock on eBay, and then charge a fixing fee to your potential customers; advertising your services on Craigslist.

Detail Cars: Almost every working class individual has a vehicle, and often they are too tired or busy to find the time to clean it.  Garnering on average of $50 to $100, detailing a car from the top to the bottom and inside and out, is a great way to earn cash; especially in the summer.  Car enthusiasts will appreciate this job more than people who don’t particularly care however.  A wash, wax, vacuum, under hood de-greasing, carpet cleaning and protecting plastic, leather and vinyl are common details that you should accustom yourself with and offer your customers.

These are only a few ideas, and there are many more.  You have to be creative and think about what people need, how big the market is, is it saturated, and can you compete with the other competitors out there.  As long as you are motivated, doing any of these jobs means that you don’t have a set schedule or hours.  There are many reasons to why this would be rewarding, with the most obvious being able to enjoy time off  as a student when you want or need it; especially if you are doing any of these ideas for summer employment.