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Learning the art of Internet Marketing

One of the quickest growing industries is marketing, which is closely associated with the business degree. One sub-sect of marketing is internet marketing which is still in its infancy some would argue.  Traditionally marketing and promotions have been done by sales people, word of mouth, print, or media ads and while they have worked, the internet has opened up the arena to more information and understanding of the end user than was ever possible before.  I’m sure you know what the internet is since you are on it right now reading this very article, but are you aware of how much exposure to ads you are getting, and how they are targeting you; even if you are “ad averse” by your very nature.  If marketing, business and understanding people and how they operate, as well as their enjoyments interest you; you should seriously consider gaining more information on internet marketing and even considering a career in it.

Advertising begins at the business level, where marketing mixes are created and budgets are set in order to gain more exposure or generate hype behind a new product.  The goal is put their information or products in front of the consumer and tell them why they can’t live without them in one way or another.  Traditionally, companies rely on marketing agencies and much of them employ an internet marketing agency for their online advertising and targeting.  Rather than creating something catchy only at the jingle, or image or short skit level; the internet can allow you to capture interest with one sentence or even one word at times.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple image that relates to your interests.  The possibilities are endless which leads me to another thing about how ad targeting is possible.

Advertising is Following Me!

You are probably familiar with Google, as they have solidified their business at the forefront of the “online search” and much more.  Google accounts for the majority of searches through their search engine and they also offer business and other agencies the ability to run advertisement campaigns through their service “Adwords.”  There are so many metrics that can be customized that it is overwhelming and carries a bit of a learning curve at first, but essentially Google even has the ability to track your cookies and other data to gather pertinent information about what you like and how you access the web – and then can direct these advertisements to you based on your search history.  Have you ever been looking for something, and all of a sudden you saw an ad for it? It might have shocked you but its also brilliant and their way of giving you the best user experience and relevant results as possible.

Moving onto Facebook, they are also a huge medium for internet marketing since many businesses have effectively branded their stance through the social network.  This is something that is completely different and evolving all the time.  Facebook started out with Mark Zuckerberg and was ad free for a long time.  At the “right moment” ads were implemented and now the company is worth billions, mainly for their ad revenue and their ability to target and collect information from people. This information is a goldmine for any internet marketingagency because of how it can be used and turned into a successful campaign and in the end, profits ($)!

If you want to learn the art of internet marketing, you can enroll in classes online, start studying the information yourself by consuming it from various forums and other blogs; or even see if somewhere in your hometown offers free consulting.  If you own a business or want to work in this field, it is essential to get past the learning curve, but with a little dedication and time it is certainly manageable, and lucrative.